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Working in Berlin

Types of work
How to find a job

Types of work

In case you want to finance your studies by working part-time you should read the following.
Foreign students may work without a work permit, but this is limited to 90 days per year. There are several types of jobs:
-        Student assistant at an university (paid holidays and sometimes insurances)
-        Working student / “Werkstudent” at a company (paid holidays and sometimes insurances)
-        Temporary employment (sometimes paid holidays and insurances)
-        Freelancer / self-employed (mostly unsteady income, neither paid holidays nor insurances)

The payment of student jobs typically ranges between € 7 – 13 / hour. Hostess / promotion jobs and jobs at the universities are generally the best paid ones. But it’s easier to get a job in the gastronomical or retail sector.

Please find detailed information on topics as how to apply, insurances etc. on Justlanded.com

After your studies you might also be able to extend your student visa for the maximum of 1 year for seeking a job. In the case that you get a permanent job offer after your graduation, don't forget that you are not permitted to remain in Germany with a student visa. Official policy is that you must return to your home country before you can apply for a residency visa and work permit. However, if your employer wants you to start working quickly, this can be avoided by a lawyer making a petition on your behalf. Contact Ausländerbehörde for further information on visa regulations.

How to find a job

Vacancies are often promoted on newspaper websites, via student unions or the university. In the following we have collected the most common Website-Links for job seekers.

University jobs

For these jobs we recommend that you check with each university website and at the job offer board at your university. These jobs are usually posted a couple of weeks before the semester starts.
IIn the following you will find links to the job offering websites of the biggest universities in Berlin:

TU Berlin
FU Berlin
HU Berlin
HWR Berlin
HTW Berlin

Promotion jobs & occasional jobs especially for students:


More studenten jobs can be found here

General websites for job seekers:


For international internships, you could also contact the international student union AISEC

There are magazines that focus on career issues for university students and young professionals, such as Junge Karriere or Staufenbiel. Its website has information on employment perspectives in different industries, tips and tricks for writing CVs and information on career fairs.

All types of jobs, as well as internships can be found by using these links leading to websites especially for English speakers in Germany / Berlin:




At Justlanded.com you will find further hints on where to look for a job

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