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Berlin student tips

-Welcome Money / "Begrüßungsgeld"    

Welcome Money / "Begrüßungsgeld"                                        

Berlin is giving you a warm welcome by giving you 100 € Welcome Money. Yes, really… But you need to apply for it.
1. ...have a bank account in Berlin.
2. …be registered at one of Berlin's universities.
3. ...have your principle residence "Hauptwohnsitz" in Berlin.
4. ...have registered in Berlin after March 19th, 2002.
5. ...have had your previous principal residence in a different German Federal Land ("Bundesland") or abroad.

How to apply:
1. Fill out the form
2. Take it with you to the "Meldebehörde" where you register link to <Registation>
3. Hand it in at your university                       

Source: HWR Berlin

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