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What should you know for renting an apartment in Berlin?

- First of all, if you decide to rent an apartment (not a room in a "Wohngemeinschaft") you will have to sign a rental agreement, in which you will have to give the landlord 3 months notice prior to your move-out date. In some cases you might even have to agree on renting for a minimum of 1 or even 2 years. Therefore, it is only recommended for people who are planning on staying for a longer period of time.

- In order to get the apartment you will have to provide prove of income and a positive credit report. You can also provide a co-signer.

- Most landlords ask for a deposit ("Kaution"). If you get the apartment by a broker you will additionally have to pay a broker's fee ("Courtage").

- When calculating your monthly rent budget consider the following terms used:

"Warmmiete" = rent with heating included,
"Kaltmiete" = rent without heating,
"Nebenkosten" = the other utilities outside of heat.

The "Warmmiete" including "Nebenkosten" should be the price that you focus on. Keep in mind that the costs for electricity and telecommunication <service providers> will come on top of that amount.

- Most apartments are rented unfurnished. Some don't even have a kitchen. To furnish your apartment as affordable as possible we recommend Ikea, Ebay Kleinanzeigen, Zweite Hand,or Craigslist.

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