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Rental websites for Berlin

- Student dormitories
- Shared students apartments
- Apartment rental

Student dormitories
The Studentenwerk dorm is the most affordable furnished rooms to rent. But according to the website international students cannot apply independently for a room. Applications for accommodation may only be submitted by German institutes on behalf of international students. If you would like to apply for a room in a dorm, you should talk to the responsible person of your university in Berlin (e.g. International Office, Office for exchange students). You might also try to apply yourself, since according to our experiences it is possible to still get a room by the Studentenwerk as an international student if there should be empty rooms. You might just call and ask about the current situation. Also ask a friend who speaks German for help. Further information for international students can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk in Berlin.

German students should apply as early as possible, since the demand for dorm-rooms is very high. Follow this link to apply for a dorm room!!

Shared students apartments
If you’re looking for a typical "Wohngemeinschaft," you should check out the following two websites. You can change the search criteria according to your wishes, e.g. furnished room or only for a limited period. You will also find apartment rental offers on there, but those websites are specialized on shared apartments for students. You will mainly find private offers. The advantage of those is that you will not have to pay any broker's fee.


Apartment rental
Those websites are popular commercial estate trading platforms. They offer also apartments for long-term rent as well as shared, furnished or temporary apartments. Look out for "Nachmieter" seeking offers (next tenant), since those are published by private people. And as you know by now they will not charge you a broker's fee. You might also find offers by residential building cooperatives or property managers, who offer apartments without charging a broker's fee ("Courtage").

www.immonet.de (unfortunately only in German)

You might also want to look into the Saturday edition of the newspapers "Berliner Zeitung" or "Berliner Morgenpost", since they have a comprehensive listing of apartments for rent in Berlin by mostly private offers.
Others useful links could be:


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