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National transportation

If you want to travel within Germany, there are three main possibilities besides taking the airplane:

- Train
- Bus
- ‘Mitfahrgelegenheit’ or ride sharing


The train network system in Germany is established quite well. The largest company in Germany is the Deutsche Bahn. There is also a smaller one called InterConnex which only offers one train journey but at lower costs.
Different train companies go to different train stations in Berlin, for example: Hauptbahnhof, Ostbahnhof, Spandau or Südkreuz. But you always have to check each train separately.

Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn offers national as well as international train journeys. On their website you can check the availability of different trips by entering your departure and arrival station, date and time. But you can also go to a service center and buy your ticket there. In this case you have to pay a service fee.

The price system of the Deutsche Bahn is very complex. Here we offer you an introductory overview of it.

The standard fares guarantee that you don’t pay more than 127,- Euro (2nd class) or 206,- Euro (1st class) for a single journey. In order to pay less you should always watch out for discounts or the so called “Dauer Spezial” (29,- Euro 2nd class, 49,- Euro 1st class).
For frequent travellers the Deutsche Bahn offers a special card, the BahnCard. You can choose between BahnCard 25, 50 or 100. For example if you buy BahnCard 25 you pay a fixed amount of 57,- Euro (2nd class) and get a discount of 25% for each ticket, valid for one year.

special tickets:

Länder-Ticket (Federal State Ticket)

This ticket is valid for five persons and all local trains (RegionalExpress, RegionalBahn, S-Bahn). It can be used for one day in a certain region of Germany. The tickets are available from 27,- Euro.

Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket” (Happy Weekend Ticket)

This ticket can be used by five persons on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s not valid for the IC (InterCity) or ICE (InterCity Express), but all other trains like S-Bahn, RB, IRE, RE and costs 37,- Euro


InterConnex is limited to just one train route between Leipzig and Warnemünde (located at the Baltic Sea). The train is just going twice a day and the prices vary between 9,- and 23,- Euro. The price list can be checked here (website only in German).

Another option for traveling is taking the bus. It is cheaper than the train but more time consuming! Most companies offer national as well as international bus routes within Europe.
The main bus station in Berlin is ZOB (central bus station) which is located near the S-Bahn station Messe Nord/ICC (not far away from the Funkturm).

Companies offering such bus routes are for example:

Berlin Linien Bus offers some specials for booking a couple of weeks prior to departure, for example Berlin - Hamburg - Berlin for 18,- Euro..

Mitfahrgelegenheit / online ride sharing

Using a lift means that you join somebody else who is driving by car to the same destination and may be the most affordable means of traveling. If you decide to take a lift, there are some options for you:

There you can check the available tours, departure times and prices. In case you want to get into contact with someone you have to call him or her or to write an email. It is not guaranteed that you will get the seat.

If you have a car and want to drive to another city you can offer your tour.

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