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Health insurance

After you open your bank account it’s time to take care of your German insurance. German law requires that all students, including those from overseas, studying at a higher education institution in Germany have health insurance either through a public health insurance provider or through a private health insurance company. In fact, in order to register at your university in Berlin, you will need to submit your health insurance certificate (Krankenversicherungnachweis).

- Public health insurance
- Already have health insurance
- Private health insurance
- Further information

Public health insurance

If you are a student under the age of 30 or until your 14th academic semester, you are eligible for public health insurance, or if you choose, you may buy insurance from a private company

Please note: Once you buy private health insurance, you cannot change back to public health insurance during the course of study.

As an University student in Germany you are eligible for the low cost "student health insurance" provided by the public health insurance companies like AOK, TK, DAK, BKK, BEK, GEK, KKH. You are free to choose the company with which you would like to be insured. And the monthly rate for your health coverage in this case will be everywhere the same, about 70 Euro per month. But be careful, the price is the same, but the services offered differ from company to company.

The easiest way to apply for public health insurance is either go to a health insurance company personally or apply on-line at their website. You may find each company's contact information on its homepage. Unfortunately, most of the websites are in German. If you want to apply online, you may ask a friend for help. Before you apply, we suggest you to ask the International office for guidance, but most students in Germany go for AOK or Techniker Krankenkasse. (tips: insurance in Germany is on a half a year basis (for most international students), so if you’re not ready to pay 6months in advance, inform the insurance people that you want them to charge your bank account on a monthly basis, so don’t forget to bring your bank card.

Please note: To apply for health insurance you must provide/submit the following:
1. Anmeldungsbetaetigung
2. Passport
3. Student ID

For more information,you can check out these website:

Already have health insurance?

If you have health insurance in your home country, it may be valid in German. Be sure to ask your insurance provider at home which documents you will need to qualify:
If you are from Europe you most likely will need to get an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, formerly forms E111 or E128). Please make sure that the EHIC is valid for your entire stay in Germany or that you can renew the insurance from Germany before the coverage runs out. Remember that the card does not cover the cost of private health care treatments. Some medical costs may not be covered by your insurance; before leaving your home country, ask your health insurance provider exactly what services you are entitled to in Germany.You can obtain a card by contacting your local health authority as each individual country is responsible for producing and distributing the card in its own territory. About European Health Insurance Card, see this website for more details.

If you are insured by a private health insurance company, please consult with your health insurance provider in your home country before coming to Germany to confirm whether or not you will be covered in Germany. You must provide a certificate proving your coverage when you register for your courses in Germany.

Please note: by submitting this certificate proving your coverage by a private health insurance company, you are giving up use of the state health insurance system in Germany during your stay.

Private health insurance

If you are a student over the age of 30 or after their 14th study term you are not eligible for public health insurance at the student rate. You may either take out voluntary health insurance with one of the public health funds or you may insure yourself through a private health insurance provider. Private health insurance costs vary depending on the amount of coverage provided.

You may find students private health insurance at an affordable rate form this website.

If you want to get free quotes and compare the top private health insurance in Germany, please click the here.

If you are a student participating in a language proficiency course in preparation for enrollment in a German university, you do not qualify for public health insurance in Germany. You must insure yourself through a private company. At the end of the language course, if you decide to begin a full course of study in Germany and are under the age of 30, you can change your health insurance from the private insurance company to a public insurance company.

Further information

More details are available from the Deutsche Studentenwerk. Your university or called University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule) may also provide additional information on health insurance.