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Best Berlin flea markets

For antique lovers, shoppers or people who just like to discover history, a flea market is a great opportunity to spend a sunny Sunday morning. Besides the usual antique relics, books, bric-a-brac or furniture that you find in most of the flea markets in Europe, you should look for Russian remnants from the German Democratic Republic. Flea markets offer an alternation to the conventional shopping possibilities and are steadily gaining popularity since junk gets more and more valued.

-Straße des 17. Juni
-Boxhagener Platz
-Night flea market/Nachtkonsum

Flea market and art and crafts people market at the "Straße des 17. Juni"
The flea market in the "Straße des 17. Juni," close to the S-Bahn Tiergarten, is one of the most famous and largest in Berlin. Every Saturday and Sunday you will find stands between the Bachstraße, the Charlottenburger Tor and for the art and the crafts people market a little bit further into the direction of the Ernst-Reuter-Platz. You can buy antiquities, furniture, second hand goods and other oddities. Most of it dates from the last hundreds of years. The flea market is not the cheapest, because of all the tourists and professional vendors. The art and crafts people market offers a wide variety of CD’s and original records.
Some organizational information about the market:
Opening hours:          
Saturday         11.00 am – 5.00 pm
Public holiday/Sunday                         10.00 am – 5.00 pm
            Straße des 17. Juni
            10623 Berlin – Mitte
            Tel.: 030 / 26550096
S-Bahn: S5, S7, S9, S75 to Tiergarten
U-Bahn: U9 Hansaplatz
Bus: N9 S-Tiergarten
106, N26 U Hansaplatz

Antique market at "Ostbahnhof"
People who are looking for antiquities and old furniture, can’t miss the antique market at the “Ostbahnhof” in Berlin. Besides antique furniture, books, art and jewelry you can also find collections of stamps and coins from over 120 vendors. This market is not just a lot cheaper than most of the other ones but the atmosphere is also more relaxed and less crowded. You can listen to experts and customers exchanging experiences and knowledge, wherefore you normally have to go to libraries.
Some organizational Information about the market:
Opening hours:          
Sunday                        09.00 am – 5.00 pm
            10243 Berlin – Friedrichshain
            Tel.: 030 / 29002010

S-Bahn: S3, S5, S7, S9, S75 to Ostbahnhof
Bus: 240/ 347, N40 to S-Ostbahnhof / Erich-Steinfurth-Str.
N40, N47 S-Ostbahnhof
240, 347, N40 Franz-Mehring-Platz

Flea market at "Mauerpark"
Flea market meets karaoke!!!! Karaoke at the Mauerpark Berlins biggest flea market was established in 2004 and attracts people through its folk fest feeling and its family environment. Although the prices are already low, you can still bargain to get the best price. In a random chaos you can find books, lamps, apparels and CD’s. However if you look for professional vendors you are wrong here. The clearing sale starts an hour before the end of the market. In case you are tired of all the shopping, you can also listen to people singing karaoke or have some ice cream at one of the cafes around the park.
Some organizational Information about the market:
Opening hours:          
Sunday                        07.00 am –05.00 pm
            Bernauer Straße 63-64
            13355 Berlin – Mitte
            Tel.: 0176 / 29250021

Bus: 247 to Wolliner-Str.
Tram: M10 to Wolliner-Str.
U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalderstr. or U8 Bernauerstr.

Flea market "Boxhagener Platz"
The flea market at Boxhagener Platz has fair prices and attracts young people, tourists and Berlin residents, especially through the wide variety of different products. Vendors sell everything from worthless junk to designer clothing. On sunny days you can meet at the cafes around the square to watch the people bargaining for goods. The musicians and the bands playing on the edge of the flea market complete the charm of this Platz. Due to the attractiveness of the market, more and more Berlin travel guides include it in the shopping sector.
Some organizational Information about the market:
Opening hours:          
Sunday                        10.00 am – 06.00 pm
            Boxhagener Platz
            10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain
            Tel.: 0177 / 8279352

U-Bahn: U5 till U Samariterstr./ U Frankfurter Tor
Bus: 240, N40 till Boxhagener Platz/ Wismarplatz /Simon-Dach-Str.
N40 till Boxhagener Str./Holteistr.
N 45 til U Samariterstr.
Wismarplatz: 21
Boxhagener Str./Holteistr.: 21
Wismarplatz: 21
Boxhagener Str./Holteistr.: 21

Flea market on "Arkonaplatz" – Mitte
The flea market at the Arkonaplatz is located in Berlin´s trendy Mitte. The market is popular among the young residents of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. Here you can find pieces which were designed in the 50s and 60s (a lot from the German Democratic Republic). Between all the vintage stuff, furniture, funky clothes and second hand utensils you can also find some modern artworks. The vendors are mostly residents, which sell their books and records to moderate prices. But don’t look for bargains because the traders know what their stuff is worth. While you’re shopping for good deals, you can enjoy the atmosphere away from the daily stress. You should come early because the best items sell very quickly.
Some organizational Information about the market:
Opening hours:          
Sunday            10.00 am – 05.00 pm
10119 Berlin – Mitte
Tel.:                 030 / 7869764

U-Bahn: U8 till Bernauer Straße
Bus: 247 till Bernauer Straße
Tram: M1/ M12 till Zionskirche
M10 till Bernauer Straße

Evening flea market "Nachtkonsum"
You really like flea markets but the usual time is too early for you? In this case you will want to visit the night flea market at the Wilhelminenhofstr. 83-85 which takes place every third Saturday of the month from 3.00pm till 11.00pm. In the 800 qm large area with approximately 200 traders you can find antique furniture, porcelain, GDR relic, military medals and many more. There is nothing you can’t buy. An entrance fee of 2 € is required.

Some organizational Information about the market:

Opening hours:          
Sunday            03.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Wilhelminenhofstr. 83 - 85
12459 Berlin -  Oberschönenweide
            Tel.: 0351 / 3360320

S-Bahn: S8, S9, S45, S46, S47, S85
Bus: 247 till Bernauer Straße
Tram: M17/ 21, 63, 67 till Edison/ Ecke Wilhelminenhofstr.
27 till Firlstr./ Oberschönenweide

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